100% clinically-proven skincare

you deserve to have proof that your skincare really works.

Our founder + CEO, Dr. Whitney Bowe, is a renowned board-certified dermatologist and research scientist. We use some of the most advanced clinical testing in the industry.

every single product is clinically-tested at third-party labs to prove it drives results.

clinically-tested, potent ingredients

We prioritize ingredients that drive results, valuing efficacy over novelty.

clinically-tested, final formulas

Ingredients matter, but the final formulation matters more. We clinically-test our final formulas.

clinically measured results

We use cutting-edge clinical skin instruments and technology to measure how our products change the skin.

objective studies

Cutting-edge technology we use to measure how your DWB Beauty products impact the skin.
When we claim a product supports a healthy skin barrier, a Tewameter®, which measures how much water is evaporating from skin, has proven our product decreases the skin’s water loss, indicating an improvement in skin barrier function.

When we claim a product increases skin’s hydration, a Corneometer®, which determines the level of hydration in the skin, has proven that it improves skin moisture by measuring electrical capacitance.

When we claim a product supports a healthy microbiome, Next-Gen Sequencing Tech, which helps to understand how the skin microbiome is impacted by products, has been used. The product has been tested in vivo (on living humans) to assess its effect on the skin microbiome. We look for richness, diversity, and balance.

When we claim a product improves skin redness, tone, texture, or depth of fine lines or wrinkles, Clinical Image Analysis, which precisely and reliably quantifies meaningful results on the skin, is one assessment tool.

high-performance packaging

Airless technology helps to preserve each formula’s potency, giving you results until the very last drop. Opaque components shield from UV degradation.

transparency and education.

Explore the DWB Skindex for a breakdown of our ingredients. See Derm Scribbles for complimentary skincare advice and tips.