NEW Asta C Vitamin C Serum!

Thursday August 3, 2023
Dr. Whitney Bowe is a world-renowned board-certified dermatologist, founder of DWB Beauty, and the creator of the viral Skin Cycling Program. In this live show, Dr. Bowe will answer all your questions about one of her TOP requested products ever: new ASTA C™ VITAMIN C AGE DEFENSE SERUM, recently dropped on 7/19! Dr. Bowe will also break down everything to know about vitamin C: how to make sure your product actually works, the best vitamin C types to look for, how to use it, and why it's such an essential ingredient to have in your skincare routine. Just for our TSL community: anyone who orders Asta C during the show will get a complimentary DWB Beauty reusable canvas tote!!* *Any and all consultations with Dr. Bowe will consist of discussions only and will not establish a doctor patient relationship or serve as personal medical advice. This discussion will not replace your relationship with your own physician.
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