“Dermatologist-tested” means that independent safety and / or efficacy testing has been done under the supervision of, and / or reviewed by, a board-certified dermatologist.

Transparency Tip

This can be a vague and tricky term as it can simply refer to any product that even a single dermatologist has tried or tested, without much context beyond that. So, take this term with a grain of salt.

When Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty says a product is “dermatologist-tested”...

It means that Dr. Bowe has tested each iteration of the product herself, as well as tested it on a subset of her patients who have consented to testing the products. These patients have different skin concerns (eg: sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, eczema). Once we have a final formulation, we send the product to an independent clinical testing lab and test the product again. DWB Beauty also has an unbiased dermatologist oversee that study and sign off on the results. So when a Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty product says “Dermatologist-Tested,” we mean business.
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