Pentalipid Matrix

A blend of 3 different forms of ceramides, phytosphingosine, and sterols—components that are naturally found in a healthy skin barrier to help seal in moisture, and protect against external factors. With age and external factors, these component levels in skin deplete overtime. Lower levels of these components are often linked to inflammation and skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Topical application can help fast track your skin to recovery by playing a replenishing role to support moisture balance and lipid composition.

“Ceramides are like the mortar to the brick. It holds your skin cells together, helping to limit transepidermal water loss and protecting skin from environmental stressors. Ceramides are lipids composed of a sphingoid base and fatty acid. The combination of these two components determine the type of ceramide and its function—hydrophilic (water-loving) to lock in moisture and retain water, or hydrophobic (water-repelling) to occlude and maintain barrier function. In Retinal Night, we give the best of both worlds to recover barrier function with 3 different forms of ceramides: NP, AP, and EOP.” - Dr. Whitney Bowe, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Scientist, Founder + CEO


  • Ceramide NP = Non-hydroxy fatty acid with a Phytosphingosine base. The most abundant of the ceramides that forms a permeability barrier.
  • Ceramide AP = Alpha hydroxy fatty acid with a Phytosphingosine base


  • Ceramide EOP = Ester-linked Omega hydroxy fatty acid with a Phytosphingosine base

Phytosphingosine is the fatty alcohol component of ceramides, also acting as a ceramide precursor where it “nudges” skin to make more ceramides. Its skin optimization properties reinforce barrier function to moisturize and soothe skin.

In Retinal Night™ Advanced 0.1% Retinal Firming Treatment, we use 2 forms of vegetable sterols, cholesterol, and pomegranate sterols. Cholesterol can be derived from vegetable or synthetic sources rather than animal-based. Pomegranate sterols are extracted from lipid fractions of the unused pomegranate pericarp.

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