Inulin is a type of natural, soluble fiber derived from chicory root, found to have prebiotic properties on the skin. We know prebiotics act like “food” for our skin microbiome, helping to support the growth of bacteria on the skin. What’s special about inulin is that it acts selectively. It encourages the growth of certain beneficial strains, but discourages the growth of other, less desirable strains. So unlike other prebiotics, it acts like a “smart prebiotic,” helping to restore the balance your skin needs.

“Inulin can only be metabolized by bacteria that carry a special enzyme, called the inulinase enzyme. These bacteria tend to be the ‘good’ kinds you want more of, so inulin is really a next generation ingredient when it comes to supporting a healthy, balanced skin microbiome. While classically known for its nutritional benefits as a source of prebiotic fiber, when formulating Bowe Glowe™ Cream, we selected a type of inulin shown to have skin benefits in clinical trials. Per Dr. Whitney Beauty standards, we didn’t stop there even though the ingredient supplier data was incredibly impressive in terms of improvement in skin hydration and reduction in TEWL. We combined inulin with other prebiotics and postbiotics, and then put the final formulation to the test in our own clinical studies.”

- Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Scientist, Founder


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