A clinical instrument that measures skin hydration, or how much moisture is present in the skin. It is an objective, standardized measurement of how much a product can increase or decrease the amount of moisture in skin, and works by measuring electrical capacitance in the skin.

Truly hydrated skin is an inside out, and outside in, job. We not only take a 3D approach to hydration at Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, but we measure how impactful our products are using instruments. Instruments don’t lie.

Transparency Tip

When shopping for a moisturizer that claims to boost hydration in the skin, check to see if that claim is based on a study using a Corneometer®. That gives you greater certainty that the product increases hydration in a measurable way. You will also want to see if that corneometry study was done on an individual ingredient or on the final formulation. Just because one ingredient can help hydrate skin isolation, doesn’t mean the final formulation is able to achieve that result.

When Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty claims a product supports a healthy skin barrier…

A third-party laboratory has conducted a Cornemetry test with the product’s final formula, using an instrument called a Corneometer®, to determine the level of hydration in the skin. That test clinically-validated that the product improves skin moisture by measuring electrical capacitance to assess skin’s hydration.

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