Dr. Bowe's Summer Skincare + SPF Picks

Wednesday May 29, 2024
Dr. Bowe's Summer Skincare + SPF Picks

Summer is, hands down, my favorite time of year. I love the long days and spending more time being active outside with my family.

Growing up, my dermatologist encouraged me to stay out of the sun, but that’s not my approach at all. Do I take sun protection seriously? Yes! But I also encourage my patients to enjoy and soak in every moment of summer while taking care of their skin’s health with a few simple steps.

Let’s dive into the summer morning skincare routine I follow every day to optimize my skin’s health, dial down discoloration, and keep my skin healthy for decades to come.

Three simple steps right after you cleanse your face:

STEP 1: Apply a vitamin C antioxidant serum like Asta C™ Vitamin C Age Defense Serum, which helps to defend against free-radical damage caused by external aggressors such as summer heat and sun.

STEP 2: After the vitamin C serum, apply a moisturizer like Bowe Glowe™ Microbiome Nourishing Cream before you apply your sunscreen if you fall into two categories: you have dry, sensitive skin—that extra layer can help protect your skin barrier and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

If you’re someone who prefers to use mineral-only sunscreens, you might find that some make your skin feel dry. People with oily skin often like a matte look, but if you have normal or dry skin, adding a moisturizing cream under these sunscreens will feel more comfortable and keep your skin looking dewy, not dry.

STEP 3: The LAST step of your skincare routine should be your sunscreen.

How much sunscreen do you need? A rule of thumb that I follow is to use 2 finger lengths for the face (I make the lines generous). I recently posted about this if you would like a visual. I use another 2 finger lengths for my neck, ears, and chest. For the rest of my body, I use one shot glass full if I’m wearing a bathing suit. I also often rely on UPF fabrics to cover my upper body. You don’t need to apply sunscreen underneath UPF 50+ fabric.

People always ask me what’s the “best” sunscreen. The answer is the one you’ll actually want to wear every day. Here are some of my current favorites:

Beauty of Joseon SPF 50 +. To me, this feels like skincare. It layers beautifully over Bowe Glowe™ Cream and under makeup.

Naked Sundays Water Gel Serum is lightweight and may be a new favorite if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

EltaMD UV Clear is now available in both tinted and deep tint. This provides a bit more of a hybrid experience, with subtle blurring and color correction. So, for those days when you want some coverage, it’s a good option.

ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica Ultralight Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+. For people who prefer a mineral-only sunscreen, this is a lightweight option that absorbs very well. It’s one of the best-feeling mineral sunscreens that I’ve come across, although it’s pretty pricey compared to my other sunscreens.

Skinceuticals just came out with a new sunscreen called Clear Daily, which is good for sensitive, mature skin. It can feel a little bit heavy if you have more combination or oily skin.

I also like the Sun Zapper sunscreen sticks. I love that these come in so many fun colors. It’s a fun way to add an extra layer of coverage to those areas that are especially prone to sun damage. For me, that includes my upper cheek. Sunscreen sticks can also be great for reapplication throughout the day. Naked Sundays has a stick that works well over makeup and is invisible.

Happy summer!

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