Asta C™ Clinical Results: Published in Top Dermatology Journal

Monday November 20, 2023
Asta C™ Clinical Results: Published in Top Dermatology Journal

As a brand founder who happens to be a board certified dermatologist and a research scientist, I use the phrase “clinically proven” to describe my skincare. And I take that phrase very seriously.

Terms like “medical grade” or “science-backed” are thrown around a lot in the skincare world. Previously, the term “medical grade” meant skincare you could only get from your doctor’s office, or at the spa from your trusted aesthetician or skincare professional. Now, you can now buy “medical grade” skincare online with the click of a button, without ever seeing a doctor or skincare professional. A brand doesn’t need to meet any specific criteria to consider themselves “medical grade” since it’s not an FDA regulated term. “Science backed” is used even more loosely when it comes to skincare.

In sharp contrast, DWB Beauty’s clinically proven skincare is backed by thoughtful, methodical, third party studies. Below, I share our own internal DWB Beauty standards for using that phrase, and I’ll use our best selling vitamin C serum to demonstrate just how seriously we take our science.

When I say that every one of our DWB Beauty products is clinically proven, it means we don’t rely on ingredient supplier data, but rather test our final formulations using instruments including a tewameter, corneometer, next generation sequencing technology, image analysis, colorimeter, etc. and/or an unbiased expert grader.  Each study design is unique based on what outcomes we are looking to measure.  

Here is our published manuscript on our Asta C™ Vitamin C Age Defense Serum

Yes, the clinical results of Asta C Vitamin C Age Defense Serum were so impressive that they were published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, a credible, well-respected, peer-reviewed publication.  The unbiased and rigorous clinical study design, the deliberate inclusion of all skin types and tones (every shade of skin), and the statistically significant proven benefits of Asta C on the face, neck and chest made it through the selective peer-review process to justify a scientific publication that experts can find on our most valued medical database: pubmed. Here are some highlights of that publication: 

  • 100% of subjects demonstrated improvement in the appearance of fine lines at Week 12 as objectively measured by the expert clinical grader. This improvement was not based on surveys or self-assessments but was objectively measured by an unbiased, expert clinical grader under standardized conditions (temperature, humidity, etc).  Many vit C serums provide antioxidant protection but here, we demonstrate a measurable firming effect in the skin.
  • A 10.7% improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone (face, neck, and chest) was objectively measured at Week 12.  This profound improvement wasn't subjectively reported; instead, it was objectively measured by an expert clinical grader and reached statistical significance.  Again, while many vit C serums make antioxidant or “brightening” claims, this one is clinically proven to actually brighten dark spots with consistent use.
  • 100% of subjects demonstrated improvement in overall skin quality (face, neck, and chest) by the end of the 12-week study period, reflecting a universal improvement.  

So when we say “clinically proven,” we mean it! 

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