3 Things I Learned My First Year as a Brand Founder

Wednesday June 7, 2023
3 Things I Learned My First Year as a Brand Founder

When Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty launched, one year ago in June 2022, I couldn’t have ever imagined what this year would bring! Together, we experienced a global viral experience with Skin Cycling, reaching more than 3.5 billion people, the launch of 5 products—18 products if you include our travel petites, skincare kits, and eco-friendly refills! I’ve read every single review about how these products have transformed your skin health, and I’ve worked harder than I have in my entire life to continue to exceed your expectations. This even exceeded my intense med school and residency years, and that’s saying a lot!

To give back to YOU for allowing us to keep doing what we love, we've just set everything on the site to 20% OFF. No code needed. We never do this, and the event only lasts until this Sunday (6/11), but we wanted to show our gratitude in a big way.

To celebrate ONE YEAR of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, I’m also sharing 3 key things I’ve learned during my first year as a brand founder in such a competitive space:

1. Your biggest investment—your time, energy, sweat, stress—should go into the quality of the product. You can’t compromise on the product efficacy, the product testing, the formulation. The product has to stand up to clinical testing and it has to deliver impactful results. I second-guessed myself so many times when I sent back different formulations because they weren’t exactly what I envisioned—11 times, 17 times. I was driving everyone, including myself, crazy. But, I now know to stick with my gut response and to ride it out until it’s RIGHT. It’s worth it.

2. You can have a small team, as long as it’s rock solid. You can compete with large brands if you have a really dedicated, thoughtful, experienced team who believes in you and believes in the products. You can start small and scale up, even in a really crowded space. But, your team really needs to share your vision and your drive. The priorities of the team as a whole, plus each individual’s focuses also need to be really clear. And it’s on the whole team, but especially the founder and leadership group, to strive to create a work environment that the team enjoys and thrives in.

3. You never know what could happen next week. I mean this in an exciting, versus ominous way. One email, social post, or idea that happens next week can yield incredible results that you couldn’t have predicted. Experiencing this happen more than once has taught me to not get too emotionally wrapped up in each high and low the business experiences. If you do, it’s a great recipe for burnout. You never know what could happen next week, and—especially if you have been concentrating day-to-day on building a healthy, solid foundation for your business—there is often always a manageable solution to a challenge. Sometimes, a “problem” becomes an opportunity you didn’t foresee and ends up moving your business into a stronger, more efficient direction. Running a startup means you and the business are in a constant stage of change. Embracing this reality and viewing obstacles as opportunities to evolve, is one of the most simple yet powerful shifts in your mindset that allows a brand to grow stronger each day.

I can’t wait to enter into our second year together! Thank you for all your support. We have so many exciting things coming up in the next few months—buckle up and get ready to experience BRAND NEW INNOVATIONS from Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty for skin that glows with health from the inside and outside.

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